понедельник, 28 сентября 2015 г.

Secrets of the miniature teddies after six years of experience!

Dear friends!

I am glad to invite you to watch the video interview (in English) with my participation - http://doll-fest.com/staheeva/

The topic of my speech: "Secrets of the miniature teddies after six years of experience"

That's what I'll tell you:

* From large to small. Evolution of ABCbears elephants. Unique pictures.
* You will know is it really so difficult to sew miniature toys as everyone says.
* Miniature - work, which is always with you. Do you want to sew efficiently and travel a lot? I will tell you how!
* I prepared a free workshop on how to make the custom organizer for your sewing tools which helps you to work in any place.
* You will learn how it is easy to begin create the miniature teddies and to achieve excellent results in short time!

Bear hugs, Sveta.

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